It has often been said that each moment holds the possibility for a new beginning, and this is absolutely true.  The truth of this statement, is however, heightened when we make major changes in our lives without the security of knowing what’s next.

New beginnings evoke a wide range of emotions that can move quickly and shift from one end of the spectrum: sadness at the loss of what was, to freedom and joyful anticipation of what could be.  It is about standing in the realm of infinite possibility.

I remember a vision I had years ago when I completed my schooling to become a Licensed Unity Teacher.  In this vision, I was standing at the edge of a great precipice looking out over a beautiful valley that stretched as far as my eyes could see.  There were streams, trees, flowers, and animals all together in harmony.  The thought appeared, “what do you want?  You are standing at the edge of infinite possibility, what would make your heart sing?”

I have thought of this vision on several occasions since then.  Every time I face a significant change in my life.  My question that arises again for me this morning and I am sharing with you is:  What do you want?  You are standing at the edge of infinite possibility, what would make your heart sing?

Gracefilled Blessings,

Rev. Charli Tupper



Published by gracefilledblessingsblog

Rev. Charli’s is an ordained UNITY minister whose passion is teaching and leading individuals and groups through life-changing processes. Through the power of the spoken word, her inspirational talks often include a personal story. These stories have the ability to open a doorway connecting the heart and the mind, and break down the barriers in thought that separate us from each other. Her classes are uplifting and designed to not only open the minds of students, but to empower them to live the Truth they discover within themselves. During spiritual counseling, her compassionate heart listens deeply. Rev. Charli always sets an intention to assist individuals in seeing a deeper Truth of who they are, and what it looks like to express that Truth in this world. Rooted in New Thought philosophy, all of her teachings come from the foundation of a knowing of God as the One Presence One Power active in, through and as our lives. This One Presence is eternally and absolutely good without opposite. Her personal mission is to transform lives through a direct experience of the Presence of God.

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