Living As The Light

Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.                      Christopher Columbus

IMG_0638What is it that you are being called into doing that you’ve been resisting?  You know, it’s that thought of calling someone, but you don’t because they may be busy.  It is the thought of taking extra time in meditation only to have the second thought be, I don’t have that much time.  It’s the thought of releasing an urge to pay someone back for a perceived wrong, and the second thought being to  hang on to the resentment a little longer.

Jesus said, You are the light of the world.  He added that you don’t light a light and then put it under a basket and hide it.  You allow that light to shine.

The real question becomes, what old world belief are you being called to leave behind by following the light?   This may be an old belief that has closed your heart to an awareness of the light within you.  Sometimes memories of old hurts that we have caused or we perceive have been done unto us, can cause us to close our hearts in ways that prevent us from loving ourselves: from having the courage to move into new territory.

There is a light within us that is always beckoning us forward on our personal journey of life.  Sometimes we have difficulty seeing this light.  Yet, it is always there!  Much like the sun is always at the center of the galaxy, but our view of it may be obscured.  It is the Divine light that we might refer to as Christ or Buddha or Spirit.  The name we give the light is not important.  The important part is acknowledging this dynamic and powerful light that when we open our heart to it,  life opens to us in unexpected and glorious ways.  We begin to see things that were not there before.  We begin to have a strength and courage to step forward even when we don’t know where the path is leading.

We all have moments when we feel we are in the dark.  Rather than becoming frightened, we can claim this opportunity to open our heart to the light within.  We can feed the light by focusing our attention on the good within our life.  We can feed the light through the practice of keeping our heart open to ourselves and others.  We can feed the light by going into the Silence and turning your awareness to the indwelling Presence.  The Truth is, as we feed the light, it will illumine our next steps, and then our next steps, and then our next steps until we too discover a new world.

One response to “Living As The Light”

  1. Those of us who know you see the brilliant light in you; perhaps even at times when you don’t see it.


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