Oceans of Grace

I love how life is constantly unfolding and as we allow Grace to move through our lives, we can experience a life that is better than anything we could create by ourselves.

A couple of weeks ago, I was using the ocean as a metaphor, and the metaphor has continued to stay with me, and open up in more powerful ways.  Nature lends itself as an easy metaphor for living our lives authentically. The fact that the ocean, like all of mother earth, is feminine in nature, makes this metaphor all the more powerful.  So, the invitation for today is to come along and ride the waves into a new way of seeing and experiencing answers to our prayers, by engaging our natural ability to heal.  The type of need or healing is not important.  Spirit does not differentiate between physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.  It is we who put limitations on the power that is God.

From a scientific standpoint, we know the healing properties of salt water and the ions in the air at the ocean.  However, did you know that the ocean in its natural state is self-healing, and that we as humankind have been created with a similar capacity to heal. We have a body (shore), emotions (waves),  soul (currents), and Spirit (unseen depths) .   When the waters are stirred at the surface by winds, currents, or ships, waves are created.  These waves stir up whatever is loose and ready to be released.  These particles are often thrown onto the shore, until another wave comes and retrieves that which the shore is willing to release.  As these particles return to the ocean, they sink down into the depths where they are transformed. In our own lives; our soul, race consciousness, and life experiences create waves (emotions) that bring into conscious awareness those unhealed aspects of ourselves that our soul is ready to release and make room for  greater experiences of freedom and joy.

How do I see this as a healing process?  The activities and circumstances of our lives create turbulence.   This turbulence may be physical as in a disease, it may be emotional as in conflict within ourselves and relationship with others, it may be spiritual where we are questioning who we are and why we are here, or what our next step is.  The source of the turbulence does not matter as much as our awareness of it.  When I say awareness,  I do not mean that we go into fix it mode.  Just as the ocean is not broken when the waves break on the shore leaving debris, we are not broken and do not require fixing when error thinking and attitudes are revealed.  We do, however, require willingness to be open-minded and allow Grace to move through us breaking loose any debris that will open the way for healing to take place.  As this debris is broken away, we can surrender it to the depths of our being and allow Spirit to transform it and return it to us renewed and whole.

For instance, recently I became aware of a fear that was running certain aspects of my life.  This fear was blocking me from showing up authentically in my relationships and was a factor in blocking my prosperity.  As I wrestled with these waves, I surrendered and became willing to allow Grace to change my mind, my attitudes, and my actions.  This opened up a new freedom inside of me that I know has set into motion a healing that will bring me into a freedom of expressing that is better than anything I could have dreamed up for myself.  I am having the best time watching synchronicity appear.  For me this is the fun of living a conscious spiritual life; watching God work in seemingly miraculous ways.


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