Passions of Life

Lately I have felt as if I am living in the perpetual question: What….?  I even considered giving up the word, but found that was more difficult than it sounds.  It’s not the question, it’s where the answer comes from.  Do I ask What and then just give the first answer that pops into my mind, or do I use it as a tool to dive deeper into awareness itself.
Last week I wrote about The Three Sisters: Purpose, Passion, and Prayer.  Our Purpose is to know/love God as the indwelling Presence I AM, to know/love our selves as an expression of the Divine Presence, and to know/love others as Self.   It is through the power of passion that we open ourselves to new ways to experience this knowing, this loving.
Passion is the energy of Spirit moving through our lives as Divine Ideas.  I capitalize Divine Ideas because when they come through as our passion, they are pure.  Passion moves us into action.  It is the fire in our soul that propels us forward on our spiritual path.
Over the past month or so, I have been reading and contemplating about Pele, Hawaii’s Goddess of the volcano.  She is the Goddess of fire, which both destroys and creates new life.  When I think about this Goddess within me, I think about her fire burning away the old beliefs and attitudes that stand in my way of knowing/loving God, self and others, while being a catalyst for new life expressing in beauty and Truth.
So, the question arises, “What am I truly passionate about?”  I am passionate about experiencing God as All That Is in new ways.  I am passionate about teaching classes. Not so that I can impart my great wisdom to others, but to create an open space for us to share our collective wisdom.  I am passionate about my family.  I am passionate about nature, and the beauty of this planet and its creatures.  I am passionate about humankind and how we are evolving as we open more and more to the knowing of our oneness.  I am passionate about creating meaningful friendships in my life.  I am passionate about this blog.
Each of these passions are very real for me, and you may have different ones.  If I take one of them and take it deeper into consciousness and ask What is my passion about teaching?  I love the openness, the exploration that brings that aha moment both within me and others.  I love how it so often turns out that what I am teaching is what my soul is calling for me to learn.  I love how Spirit speaks through everyone in the room, especially those who may be new.  I love how classes create a connection in consciousness between the students.  I love that preparing for classes makes me aware that I am just as much a student as anyone else.  I don’t have a special connection to the Divine that is not possible for all of us.  I love how teaching reminds me that we are all taking this journey of life and I don’t have the answer for you, but you do.
What are your passions?  Take them deeper and ask what is my passion for _______ really?  And look at what appears.  This is a great way to be clear on what your passions are, which are not the same as anyone else’s.  There are no shoulds when it comes to passions.  They are.  It’s that simple.

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