Awakening The Divine Feminine

For some time now, I have had what I refer to as a minor obsession.  I have been fascinated by the Marys in the Bible, especially Mary Magdalene.  She would just keep showing up in different books I would pick up or someone would give me something that was representative of one of the Marys.   I couldn’t figure out why.  So, I just let it be, knowing that someday more would be revealed.

Ta Ta da da!   Someday has arrived.  As I have explored this idea that we are not only being called to wake up spiritually, but to also be raised up to become spiritually adult, I am recognizing the power of the Divine Feminine.   It is one thing to have a spiritual experience and another to do the consistent work that is required to allow that experience to transform all aspects of our being.

One of my challenges over the years with the idea of teaching about the Marys, who represent the Divine Feminine, is that I don’t think of myself as a feminist, or a women’s libber.  Yet, there is something that is so profound and True about what I believe Mary has to say to us today.   This teaching is not in opposition to the Divine Masculine.  It enhances and brings balance into all of life.

As more and more people wake-up in consciousness, it is imperative that we provide support and nurturing for them to develop all aspects of themselves to match the awakened energy.  It is as if we are teenagers in consciousness.  We have adult bodies, but not the consciousness of an adult.  It is the Divine Feminine within each of us that can bring us into balance and harmony: into the wholeness of our being.

The time around my leaving Unity of Prescott has proven to be a time of distinct transformation.  I thought I was leaving for one reason, and it turns out that was not at all the Truth.  Leaving has opened a doorway for me to take responsibility for my past actions, and not introject what is not factual.  Introjection is a new word for me and was introduced to me through Ken Wilbur’s Integral Philosophy which I have followed for years.  To introject an idea is to take something that someone else says and you own it as true about yourself.  We talk so readily about the destruction that can happen in relationships when we project our issues onto someone else.  We don’t talk about the trauma  we cause ourselves by taking on someone else’s projection as true about us.

I believe that the Divine Feminine is the aspect of us that helps to discern the Truth of who we are in relationship with All That Is.  Just like a nurturing mother figure helps us to discern what is true when, as a child, we have an argument with a friend .  This nurturing mother within us helps us  discern what is true in order to know ourselves more completely.

When we own our wholeness as the Truth of who we are, which includes owning our Divine Feminine nature, resistance of all kinds falls away.  Without resistance to what is, there is nothing to defend or fight against, which is where much of our conflict comes from.  This process allows us to see from a higher vantage point the situations we face in our day-to-day lives.  We must be cognizant of the danger that lurks in the idea of rising above a circumstances that we do not like.  It is the Mary, Divine Feminine, within who can help us make sure we are not using the idea of stepping up in order to stand on and push down our feelings.  Living in balance with the Divine Feminine, we are already in an open energy that invites us to see and know where our growing edge is.  The Divine Feminine is bringing us into an awareness and maturing of our souls in order to live life fully from an open heart all of the time.

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