Feminine Face of Grace

As I have been working on this blog post, there is a strong argument going on within me about stressing the feminine face of grace.  Grace is not either/or, it is both/and.   Grace is equally masculine and feminine, because Grace is God’s love in action, and nothing that is God can be either/or.  Grace as love in action reveals itself in different ways depending on where we are in consciousness.  Much like a parent’s love shows up in different ways depending on the age and development of the child.  There are times in our journey of life where grace shows up as the stranger who helps us in our hour of need.  In other times, grace shows up as a feeling that all is well in the midst of turmoil.  Action and Being; male and female.  Yet, my guidance for today, which I am choosing to follow, is to write about the feminine face of God.

Grace, I believe, is a misunderstood spiritual principle.  We may find ourselves thinking that we are in God’s grace when things are going our way, when we feel as if we are living in the flow of life, and that God has removed grace when we are facing hardship and challenges.  Grace, in its broadest sense, is the activity of Spirit as love in its many expressions awakening us to our True Self.  Grace is living from the awareness of One Presence, One Power, One Will, One Awakening, and we are That.  Grace is the revelation, the knowing and out picturing of the Truth of who we are.

Our vision is limited at best.  When we surrender into our greatest good, grace opens our eyes and hearts to see and experience more of what we are, and how we are expressing that is not in alignment with our True Self.   It feels so good to see our goodness; our love and good actions, but what about when we become painfully aware of those traits we have learned that are not a part of who we truly are.  What about those thoughts of; I love you. except when.  I accept you, as long as you are doing what I want.  I will be with you as long as you see the world exactly as I see it.  It is the feminine face of grace that heals our woundedness in order for us to fully live; to fully love.

What are our feminine traits and why is it so important that we connect with them?  We all, as humans, have both male and female traits.  So, men, this does not exclude you. I believe that we are being called to activate our feminine traits, as humankind, in order to bring us into balance and to transform our collective consciousness.  Feminine traits include: Surrender, receptivity, empathy, radiance, flow, sensuality, nurturing, affection, sharing, tenderness, patience, and loving.  These are what I would refer to also as the being traits. The masculine traits are the doing traits,. We’ll look at them another time.

When we look at these feminine traits and the power of Grace, there is an undeniable connection between grace and the feminine aspect of Spirit.  It is Grace that empowers us to surrender our old beliefs in order to open ourselves to a new way of Being in the world, but not of it.  It is Grace that opens our hearts in receptivity, empathy, nurturing, affection, tenderness, and patience.  When we express these Divine attributes without exception or judgement, we are conduits of God’s Grace.  Where in your life, right now, today, can you Be God’s Grace?  Is there someone close to you who could use tenderness instead of judgement?  Is there a place within you that you can open to and allow God’s Grace to heal?  Allowing Grace is not about doing the right thing, it is just being with God’s love.  There are so many people and places that would benefit from the Feminine Face of Grace, the beingness of God’s Presence.  Take a moment today and share God’s Grace.


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