Walking In The Garden Of Eden


The light sprays through the trees like glistening rays of gold illuminating the path before you.  It is a familiar path and yet seems new with each step you take.  You are not alone on this path.  There is a Presence with you that emanates love, life and power.  You have entered the garden.  The promised land.  The Garden of Eden: into the Genesis that is happening in all of our lives in this now moment.

Being in this garden is a choice.  And if you are reading this right now, you have said yes to the indwelling voice that speaks within your heart saying, come along with me.  This invitation is an invitation to live from the awareness of Spirit’s infinite Presence with you always.

What does the word Genesis actually mean?  According to Webster’s it is: the origin or coming into being of something.   According to Unity’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary (MBD),  Genesis points to a new birth, and to the perfection of man in the regeneration.   Eden according to the MBD is, A pleasant, harmonious, productive state of consciousness in which are all possibilities of growth.  When man is expressing in harmony with Divine Mind, bringing forth the qualities of Being in divine order, he dwells in Eden. 

A new birth into perfection and a consciousness of where all possibilities exist.  Genesis is where Adam and Eve walked and talked with God without shame.  They were naked, meaning they did not have anything to hide.  There was no small self telling them they weren’t enough or did it wrong.  They were born into perfection, and we too are invited into this life.

What might life look like if you didn’t experience shame?  What might life look like if we knew at the depths of our being that we have the power to create a pleasant and harmonious life?  What if we knew we could create this harmonious life not only for ourselves, but as we join together, we can create it for the world.

One of the challenges in writing about living in Eden at this time is that it is difficult to imagine when there is so much unrest and so many natural disasters.  Yet, living in Eden is a state of consciousness that frees us from the tyranny of the small self that only sees what’s wrong.  This consciousness of Eden has the potential to awaken the creative process within us to bring into form new ways of being in the world.  New creative ways of being with each other when difficult times happen.  We are created in the image and likeness of God.  We have the power, we are the love, we are the life that is awakening the potential within our own minds to creative solutions.  It all starts with one small thought.  What new thought will you follow today that will open your heart, mind, and soul?  What divine idea will you take into action that will make a difference in someone’s life?

Living from the awareness of the indwelling love, life and power of Spirit, I make a difference in the world.

Grace-filled Blessings,

Rev. Charli


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