Mary, The Mother of Christ Consciousness

As we begin this metaphysical journey, I will be giving metaphysical interpretations for names and places that will add meaning to the stories.  As we look at these women and the role they play in the awakening of our own Divine Feminine, we can look to the stories to instruct us as to where we are in our own journey and how we are fully supported by Spirit as we step into our True Self.   I welcome comments and insights as we make this journey together.  We can learn from each other.

Mother Mary


Mary: ” The feminine the soul., the affectional and emotional phase of humankind’s being, both when seemingly bound and limited by sensate thought, and in its freed, exalted state.   (Unity’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary)



And so, our journey begins with a virgin ( a heart that has no preconceived ideas of what lies ahead) who is betrothed to a man named Joseph ( The state of consciousness in which we increase in character along all lines: … Joseph represents form).  When the angel Gabriel (Divine ideas) appears to Mary (the divine motherhood of Love), she is frightened and confused.  When the angel tells her she will give birth, her first response is, this is not possible, and then surrenders and is willing to step into the Truth of who she is.

Have you ever had an idea that came to you in a moment of quiet, mine often happen when I am doing things like driving or blow drying my hair, that your immediate next thought is “No Way”.  The ego mind comes up with all sorts of ideas of why that cannot happen and wants to know how could this be?  I know for myself, when these thoughts arise, I am to sit down and pay attention to what is underneath them.  Almost always it is fear: fear of the unknown, lack of faith in God and myself, lack of understanding of the out-workings of spiritual law.  These thoughts can bind us, and yet, as we surrender as Mary did, we can step into a new power and awaken to new expressions of who we are.

One of these moments for me recently was stepping down from pulpit ministry.  This decision was one of the most difficult for me in all of my life.  And, yet, I knew I was being called into an expression of Spirit that I could not do and still do church ministry.  Over the course of the past 6 months, I have spent a lot of time in prayer and study contemplating where Spirit is leading me.  This blog, these women is part of  my answer.

When Divine ideas come into our awareness, they do not leave easily.  They come and if we ignore them, they return at another time.  Spirit is always nudging and drawing us closer to the Truth of who we are, and who we are here to be.  OH, and who we are here to be is always greater than what our ego mind thinks.   We are not here to play small, or to remain young children.  Just as Mary raised up Jesus to be a man, we too can call upon the Mary within us to raise us up to be adult children of God.

The question arises:  What is the Divine idea that the angel Gabriel is bringing into your heart?   What are the excuses that come to mind that would prevent you from pursuing this greater expression of who you are? This is the time to call upon the power of the divine feminine; the power of willingness to surrender and participate in the birthing and unfolding of our own divine nature.

Mary knows she needs support in strengthening her faith.  She goes to visit Elisabeth, her kinswoman, who in her old age is pregnant.  Join me next week as we visit the special relationship between these women and what we can learn from them as we continue this exploration of awakening consciousness as a process not an event.

Grace-filled Blessings,

Rev. Charli Tupper

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