Mary and the Birth of Jesus

A few weeks ago we looked at Mother Mary from the view of virgin whom the angel comes to.  The Divine Idea that is implanted into a mind that is free from preconceived ideas.

Then life goes on.  We go about daily business, and as we do so the idea continues to grow within us until it is ready to be born into form.  This process may be a few minutes or several years. It is the perfect timing for the development of the child within us.  I have met many ministers who tell me, like me, they too first thought of being a minister as a young child.  It took a life journey to bring it into form.  Everything that has happened and that we continue to experience in life is a witness and part of the process of developing us into who we are today.

So it is with the Mary within us that makes space for the Christ consciousness to grow and develop.  There are many diagrams and philosophies about what this development looks like.  My experience is that it is an individual process, and that the power we have in this forming is simply to be present.

In the gospel stories, Matthew and Luke, there are several people who come to visit when the baby is born.  The three wise men, the shepherds, and the angels.  The gospel says, Mary pondered these things in her heart.  Luke 2:19 & 51

What does it mean to ponder?  To ponder is to let a thought be.  A professor in a seminary once asked his students what the most important word in the New Testament is.  They had many answers: love, salvation, redemption.  He told them it is the word let.  To let something is not just to allow, but it issues an invitation that opens a doorway to experiencing God in deeper and more meaningful ways, even when those ways do not necessarily make sense in the moment.

As I write this, I find that I want to change my words.  I want to write something that says that life is always bright and beautiful. That if we hold the right thoughts, do the right things, nothing negative will ever happen to us or those we love.  We will all live happily ever after.  The fact is, we all face difficult situations.  When we enter into a state of letting, of pondering the will and the power of God moving in through and as our lives, we open ourselves to birth a greater understanding of who we have come here to be.

There is within each of us the Christ consciousness that is developing our soul and reminding us of the Truth.  We are made in the image and after the likeness of God.  Male and Female we are created.  For myself, I believe that the Christ within is calling for the feminine voice.  Not a weak and submissive voice that I was taught about so many years ago, but a clear solid voice of nurturing compassion.  A voice that is honest and kind.  A voice of unconditional love.



Grace-filled Blessings,
Rev. Charli Tupper

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