Has Life Become Too Serious

The question arises in my mind: What has happened in your life lately that makes you smile or laugh out loud?  Do we take ourselves and this human experience too seriously?  I know there are times when I have and do.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe we are in the midst of a great consciousness shift that requires us to take seriously our thoughts and actions — our thoughts and our actions.

We have been talking about what it looks like to live life on purpose.  Even saying, I’m living life on purpose, sounds very serious.  It can sound as if we are saying, there is a purpose for your life and you better get to it.  I don’t think that is exactly what living on purpose is.  For me, knowing my purpose is a way to live life from a freer more alive consciousness.

Being an introvert, I tend to put my more serious side forward more often than I would like to admit.  I have thought about this , because this serious side can be interpreted as snobby, judgmental, or uncaring.  I have spent many years judging myself as wrong for being this way, and trying every technique in the book to change it.  This judgment feels like a burden or as if I have a weight around my neck. It creates a spiral that is even more serious.  Recently I discovered a new thought about a way to live lighter, freer, and more joy-filled.

Teilhard de Chardin said, we do not become completely ‘reflective’…. except by being reflected in each other.

Paul in the 1 Corinthians 12 goes to great lengths to explain that there is one body with many different parts.  That no aspect of the body is less than any other, and that we are created differently in order to create a greater whole.

It is our diversity that makes us one.  It is by being in community that we reflect back to each other that which completes us?  When I have an argument with my husband, instead of making him wrong and the bane of my existence; I have an opportunity to see what he is reflecting to me that completes some aspect of myself.  When we see polar opposites not as either/or, good/bad, right/wrong, but as both/and we can embrace our differences to create a greater experience of wholeness and joy.


When we are truly living on purpose —  being led by the indwelling Spirit —  everyone and everything benefits.  There is no separation, and there is a lightness that expresses through us.  It is time for us to see our diversity as a gift that completes the picture of humanity.  It is time for us to embrace our differences knowing that as we do so we will be in lightened.  It is this lightness that brings healing to our hearts and minds.

My invitation to you is to ask yourself who the people are in your life that you want to see as wrong?  Then ask, what part of the whole is being expressed through this person?   Just as the picture shows, where one decreases, the other increases and it is through these perfect fits we create a world that is a living expression of the Christ.

Grace-filled Blessings,

Rev. Charli

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