Living (W)holy

frozen wave against sunlight

Over the course of the past couple of years, I have been undergoing a transformation process that has led me down roads I never would have dreamed of going.  I have heard people talk about past lives, referring to times in their life that were so different from how they were experiencing life now.  I understand that now.

When I was going to ministerial school, it was a requirement to write a credo. Mine was,  there is One presence, One power active as the universe and as my life, love.  I do hold this belief close to my heart, and… I have come to realize that my actions demonstrated another belief: avoid conflict at all cost.  Some who know me, may not think that was the belief, because my behavior was sometimes irritable and irrational.  That is what happens when we live out of alignment with who we really are.  The conflict within expresses outside of us. We begin to resist life and the way the people in our life are expressing.  It may show up as anger, depression, or defensiveness.  What I know for sure is it causes a great deal of unnecessary pain for everyone.  The question that arises from within is: where in my life am I saying one thing and acting in a different way?  What are the values that I hold dear, but out of unconscious thoughtlessness or habit act in another way.? This is not a bash on myself.  It is an awareness that I can only express from the level of  consciousness that I am believe to be possible.  It is for this reason, I believe this to be one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves.

Becoming aware is the first step to any change. One of the most powerful ways to become aware is through asking questions.  When we ask questions such as, where in in my life am I demonstrating the core values I say I believe, or what are the driving values in my life, can empower us to make choices for ourselves that bring good not only into our personal lives, but into the world.

Having recently engaged these questions, has led me to reacquaint myself with my credo, and re-vision my purpose and mission.  I know, as an expression of God, I am whole, harmonious, creative, wise, and compassionate.  I am open and receptive to the inspiration that guides me in demonstrating these qualities in my life.  I once heard a minister say, “I can hardly wait to see how God is going to show up here.”  He wasn’t implying that God was absent and would magically appear and wave his magic wand to make everything okay.  It was a deeper reminder that God is every where every when present.  Remembering this truth empowers me to live from my wholeness and to express in new and dynamic ways.  I can hardly wait to see how living fully from the awareness that there is only one presence and power active in the universe and as my life, transforms this life.

What are the questions that are arising within your soul?  What change might they bring as you engage with them and discover new truths about the power and creativity within you?  It is one thing to just ask the question, and another to actually take the time to sit down and listen for an answer.  I believe the answer to our questions is always being transmitted within our hearts.  It is the answer that actually calls the question into mind.  If we did not already have access to the answer, there could be no question.  We don’t need to look outside of ourselves to know the answer and to access the wisdom to live from these higher truths.   Each of us has within us the power and creativity to live our lives in ways that awaken us to a grace-filled life.

Grace-filled Blessings,

Rev. Charli

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