The Power of Divine Love

In this third week of Advent, we look at the power of Divine Love.  The best description of Divine love I found is in the classic New Thought book, It’s All God, by Walter Starke, he says:  Without a doubt, at the birth of Christ Consciousness a new kind of love was introduced to humankind, an all-inclusive, spontaneous, altruistic, universal love __ Agapé love.

This Agapé love is the love that was brought into the world when Jesus was born.  Jesus came to bring in a new paradigm and it has taken us 2000 years to progress enough in consciousness to begin to understand what that means.

Love, as it has often been thought of, was exclusive.  It was reserved for family, clan, those who spoke and understood the world in the same way we do.  Jesus brought in a new and higher understanding of love.

In the past, we may have been told about the characteristics or traits that we need to get rid of or control.  They are the traits that we may put into a negative category: anger, depression, sadness, being over-excited to name a few.   These are not negative in and of themselves.  It is what we do with them that matters.  These traits are merely messengers.  Messengers that come to reveal to us areas within our consciousness that we are attempting to exclude and are making themselves known so that we may bring them into a state of love where all healing takes place.   Love releases all judgment, and sees these moments of awareness as gifts to allow all aspects of ourselves.  Inclusivity!

For instance: I recently resigned from my position as a hospice chaplain in Prescott.  I was having dinner with a one of the social workers and my supervisor when the social worker looked at my supervisor and said, “Well, you know, she holds down two full-time jobs and is a care giver for her husband.”… I heard it, and a still small voice within me said, “What is that truly about?”… The answer that came back surprised me.  I felt like I needed to do and be more, because I wasn’t enough.  OOOOHHH!  I thought that I had dealt with that issue.  Instead of pushing it away and denying it, I held it.  I asked for the feeling of not enough to tell me more.  It’s an old habit.  The belief was, if there is an empty space, fill it. Busy = productive=good.

It is only in holding this belief even though it is uncomfortable, and allowing it to reveal within my heart and mind that which is asking for healing: asking to be brought into wholeness, that I can release judgements and step into a new way of being.  A way that is freeer and more joyful.   It is through this awareness and acceptance that I can make conscious choices around what I take on.

Loving ourselves wholely is the greatest gift we can give to the world.  May this season bless you with inclusive love.   It is as we love ourselves that we are truly able to love others.  

Gracefilled Blessings,


Published by gracefilledblessingsblog

Rev. Charli’s is an ordained UNITY minister whose passion is teaching and leading individuals and groups through life-changing processes. Through the power of the spoken word, her inspirational talks often include a personal story. These stories have the ability to open a doorway connecting the heart and the mind, and break down the barriers in thought that separate us from each other. Her classes are uplifting and designed to not only open the minds of students, but to empower them to live the Truth they discover within themselves. During spiritual counseling, her compassionate heart listens deeply. Rev. Charli always sets an intention to assist individuals in seeing a deeper Truth of who they are, and what it looks like to express that Truth in this world. Rooted in New Thought philosophy, all of her teachings come from the foundation of a knowing of God as the One Presence One Power active in, through and as our lives. This One Presence is eternally and absolutely good without opposite. Her personal mission is to transform lives through a direct experience of the Presence of God.

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