In the book of Exodus, God tells Moses to remove the sandals from his feel for he stands on holy ground (Ex 3: 5).   What would life look like if we recognized every moment and every place we stood as being holy? ALL MOMENTS AND ALL PLACES.  If I am experiencing conflict: holy ground.   If I am experiencing a health challenge: holy ground.  If I am experiencing a belief in lack: holy ground.  If life is flowing just the way I want it to: holy ground.  When we recognize that we are always on holy ground, we are living in the flow of life.

So often I hear people say they are in the flow.  The interpretation is, life is going my way.  My health is good, my bank account has money in it, there is no conflict in my life.  God is on my side.  I must be doing it right.  The truth is we have moments where all is well in our world, and we face difficult challenges in this life too.  What is important is to remember that God is every where every when present.  God is equally in the spaces and times that we interpret as good, and the spaces and times we interpret as challenging.    All circumstances that we experience in this life have the potential within them to lead us toward our good.

I have a coffee cup that says, “We do AMEN in our home”.  Amen is one of the most powerful words we can speak.  It is declaring something to be so, in this moment: holy ground.  The literal translation of AMEN is truth, verily, and so be it.  When we are in a place of forgetting the truth of who we are, like Moses did, Divine Intelligence is there speaking within our heart and mind: Take off your sandals, for you are standing on holy ground, the ground of infinite potential.

No matter how experiences are showing up in our life right now, there is always the potential for greater good.  Affirm the truth of who you are, and remember to take off your sandals for the you are standing on holy ground.




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