Being Set Free Through the Power of Understanding

In my recent studies, I have come to understand the 12 Powers within humankind in a deeper way.  A way that empowers us to fully awaken and live as the Divine design we are.  Each of these powers is an energy source within us.  We all have them, and no one has more than you.  We are so used to comparing ourselves with others.  Comparison, a source of suffering, leads to the belief in a capricious god who gives to one and withholds from another.  When we compare ourselves with someone else, we either come out on top or on the bottom.  Neither of these is true! We are all created in the image and likeness without exception. 

As we explore these powers, we will be invited into asking ourselves deep awakening questions about how these powers are or are not showing up in our lives.  You see, just because we have the power, does not mean that we allow ourselves to make mindful choices and to use them for the good of all. 

What are these powers?  Faith, Strength, Wisdom, Love, Power, Imagination, Understanding, Will, Order, Zeal, Renunciation, Life. 

Some of these powers we have already explored. This month, we are exploring the Power of Understanding. 

Simply stated the Power of Understanding is the capacity to know Truth, not from an intellectual knowledge, or from appearances.  Understanding is our capacity to see beyond the biases and old beliefs that would hold us back, into a new way of comprehending ourselves, God, and each other.  It is the capacity of Understanding that sets us free to change our perspective.  In Unity we speak of Truth that is absolute and unchangeable.  God is Good is Truth.  We are expressions of God is Truth.  We affirm from the awakened awareness and understanding of Truth.   

It is also the power of understanding that sets us free.  When we are free from the thoughts that hold us back and are willing to take those next steps of living, when we make conscious mindful choices, we change the not only our own experience, but the experience of the world. 

The Christ of God is active in me; the breath of the Almighty gives me understanding, I am transformed by the renewing of my mind. (The 12 Powers of Man Pg. 36)

I am including this discernment process which is a mix of a few processes I have encountered.  We so often think we need to just have the answer.  We make a choice and then regret the decision or find that we cannot fulfill the decision for some reason.  Something comes up or something else happens that stands in our way.  Taking the time to discern, to listen within yourself and to the still small voice that speaks within your heart.  Listen openly to those around you and how your choice will affect them or allowing in a new perspective.  Always taking it into prayer and acknowledging the gift of the power of understanding awakened within you now.

Mindful Discernment Process:

  • Pray affirming the power of understanding.  Opening yourself to the power and presence of the Divine within and all around you. 
  • Ask meaningful questions.  What is important to me about this?  What is it that comes alive within me around this situation? 
  • How will the decision I make affect others? 
  • Pray opening yourself to a deeper way of seeing the situation or circumstance, for a higher understanding.  
  • Reflect on how this new understanding aligns with your highest spiritual beliefs. 
  •  What action step am I being called into taking?  Where might I share my new understanding through my actions with myself, my family, my spiritual community, the world? 

Watch for new class information: Integral Living From Our Spiritual Gifts begins July 21 on Zoom and in person at Unity of Verde Valley.

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