Rev A Charlene Tupper

Ministry Wellness Consultant, Transitional Specialist and Consciousness Shifter

My Core Values: Spiritual – Authentic – Generous – Community


In service to the One Presence, Rev Charli defines herself as a minister who CREATIVELY EMPOWERS WHOLEHEARTED LIVING . She does this through a number of workshops, classes and Sunday Services that are evolutionary shifts in the consciousness of an individual and groups.

When we engage in shifting our consciousness we are shape shifters of sorts for the consciousness of the planet. When we engage in processes that transform our thinking and being we are empowered to live life full on full out.

Rev Charli’s training as a transitional specialist focuses on how ministry is changing as our consciousness shifts. We can no longer do ministry the way our parents did and meet the needs of those we serve. What are the shifts we need to make? How do we know what is right to do? Is there a simple formula to follow?

As a dynamic spiritual leader, Rev Charli looks at each situation as a unique opportunity to listen deeply and compassionately, while holding a sacred space for others to step into.


Unity of Verde Valley
Cottonwood, AZ

Unity of Prescott Women’s Retreats 2005 – 2017 Prescott, AZ

Unity of Prescott – Minister 2013 – 2017

Unity Southwest Region Representative 2021


Rev Charli welcomes collaboration and being of service for individuals and ministries seeking a deeper and broader connection with the Divine Presence. Her spirituality is eclectic and open to ever expanding ideas of Truth.

The Twelve Women Who Supported Jesus

Currently Charli is working on the principles of balance and equality within spirituality and our world. Watch her blog for more details.

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