First week of Advent: Hope

I love Advent! I especially love this first week.  I’m still in the newness of the holidays.  Decorating has begun, buying gifts for loved ones, spending time contemplating this holy season and what it means to me this year. Each year I open myself to see and hear the sights and sounds of Christmas inContinue reading “First week of Advent: Hope”

Living Lighter, Freer, more Joyfilled

The question arises in my mind: What has happened in your life lately that makes you smile or laugh out loud?  Do we take ourselves and this human experience too seriously?  I know there are times when I have and do.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe we are in the midst of a greatContinue reading “Living Lighter, Freer, more Joyfilled”

Self Love And Discerning Your Purpose

When I speak of discerning your purpose, I am not speaking of what we do with our lives as much as the energy through which our lives come into form.  My understanding is there is only one of us, and that one is here to express the fullness of God in physical form.  In orderContinue reading “Self Love And Discerning Your Purpose”

Who I’ve Come Here To Be

I was looking at and updating my website and saw this sentence: Rev. Charli is an ordained UNITY minister whose passion is to inspire, enlighten, and empower individuals and groups as together we consciously awaken to the Divinity within.  The word consciously stood out to me: Consciously awaken to the Divinity within.  Spirit works in wondrousContinue reading “Who I’ve Come Here To Be”