Your Purpose Of Love

Each of us comes into this world with a purpose.  Our small mind might try to think of some grand purpose that will change the world.  And, some of us do.  When I think of purpose; however, I think of the everyday expression of what we are: Love.

Love is the innate power that has the capacity to change not only our lives, but race consciousness.  Love has the capacity to awaken us to a deeper and wider understanding of what we have come here to be and do, and to make a true difference  in the world.

The love I speak of is not love as the world would define love.  It is not sensual love that is based on the arousing of our senses and creating a desirable feeling within us.  It is not conditional love that is based on how I feel in the moment about what someone is or is not doing, and whether or not it meets my expectations.  Love is the ever present Presence expressing in, through, and as each and every one of us.

Love is impersonal.  This thought used to upset me.  My experience of the Divine has a great deal of personal meaning for me.  By saying love is impersonal, what I am saying is God, loves without conditions.  This love simply flows drawing to itself that which responds to its love bringing harmony to everything and everyone.   In truth, we are microcosms of the macro-cosmic Love.

It’s one thing to know intellectually that we are love, and it is something completely different to express that love unconditionally every moment of every day.  When we recognize that we may fall a bit short, we can experience the feeling of shame.   Since God is love, and love is non conditional; love never shames.  Love forgives and restores to balance that which we are ready to have transformed.

True love is the power that awakens within us deeper understandings of who we are and our connection with everyone and everything.  Love is the divine energy that brings life to our creations.  As the great harmonizing power of the universe, love brings into balance that which is out of balance, and it does it in ways that are meaningful for those involved.  Meaning, Love shows up precisely  as we need it to and exactly as we call it into form.

Love is more than God getting us out of a difficulty or challenge.  Love is more than creating the perfect experience of life.  Love is more than creating a world that works for all.  Love is the unbound energy that awakens us to our oneness with God, ourselves and our neighbors, which in turn results in creating the perfect experience of life for ourselves, our neighbors,  and the world at large.  Love is the way we make a lasting difference in the world.

What are the ways in which we can consciously engage the activity of love in our lives?  Find ways to express it.  Pray for others to experience love.  Imagine yourself sharing your love with them.  Feel that love within you grow.  Another way to express the love within us is to affirm the power of love at work in situations that our intellect judges as wrong.  It can be as simple as holding an affirmation that is higher than your current experience.  One that stretches your faith, hope, and love.

This week we are given permission to demonstrate our love for others by celebrating Valentine’s Day.  May you experience the unconditional love of God moving through you and making a difference in the world.

Who I’ve Come Here To Be

I was looking at and updating my website and saw this sentence: Rev. Charli is an ordained UNITIMG_0505Y minister whose passion is to inspire, enlighten, and empower individuals and groups as together we consciously awaken to the Divinity within.  The word consciously stood out to me: Consciously awaken to the Divinity within.  Spirit works in wondrous ways!  Being conscious of and participating with Spirit as we awaken to deeper truths of who we are and who we have come here to be can be a spectacular journey.  The question arises, does Spirit require my conscious participation 100% of the time for me to awaken?

I was recently listening to a Richard Rohr recording where he talked about the teaching of the dark night of the soul.  To paraphrase, he said that it has been taught that the dark night is a feeling of being separated from God.  Another understanding of the dark night is that God works in the dark within us in ways that we are unaware.  I appreciate this understanding of the dark night of the soul.  I believe there is a power at work within us that is beyond the conscious mind.  We commune Spirit in spirit with a wisdom that our conscious minds are unable to fathom.

There have been so many times in my life where the shifts and changes that have occurred were so drastic that if I had known of them in advance, I would have sabotaged it.  The human reaction and ego, which I believe is designed to keep us safe, will convince me to stay in the status quo.  Change is scary is the ego’s mantra.

I have been having a recurring dream where I am in a desert that is nothing but sand dunes as far as I can see in all directions.  Every day, I set out and venture out on the sand dunes looking for a way home.  After I go so far, I turn around and return to my base camp, or status quo.  On the 18th day, I go in a different direction and keep going until I am out of the desert.  I find myself at a friend’s ministry where she is conducting a service.  Her husband welcomes me.

I looked up the symbolism for some of the elements of the dream:

  • desert: symbolic of all the obstacles and hardships that stand between people and their dreams.  Sand represents creativity and artistic abilities of an individual.
  • 18: Hebrew word for Life.
  • Angel #18: time to act on your dreams and ambitions. Trust that the things that have been causing you pain, hardship, and disenchantment will no longer be present in your life.

I have, at times, gotten stuck in either or thinking.  We are either making conscious choices that take us in the direction of our waking fully to the Truth of who we are, or there is a power that is working within us that directs and guides us.  I would see these as two opposite ways of being.  At this time, I would say to both of those understandings, YES.  Yes, I am consciously doing the work that is mine to do, having a meditation practice, engaging in contemplation, and study.  Yes, Spirit is actively working in my life, through my life, and as my life in ways that I have agreed to that I may not be conscious of.   It is this activity of Spirit that takes me away from doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.  It is this activity that opens my eyes to see a new direction to take that I could not see before.  It is this activity that opens my ears to hear the still small voice speak within my heart nudging me to love more deeply, give more freely, be true to my divine purpose. It is this activity that lines me up with those grace-filled moments where life flows.  And, it is up to me to consciously choose to follow that guidance, to make the choices to live life from the inside out.

Each of us chose to incarnate in these bodies, at this time, with these people, in this place for a reason.  It is the perfect alignment for us to step fully into expressing in new and deeper ways who we have come here to be.  It is the perfect time for us to share the gifts we are here to express. It is the perfect time for us to step out of the status quo and take a chance on living life more fully.

Later this month, I am teaching at Unity of Mesa for their SEE in the field program.  I will be teaching a class on discerning your purpose.  It is my intention to post segments of the class here in my blog.  If you are wondering who you have come here to be, or what the next steps are for your life, I welcome you to join me on this journey.


Happy New Year

I remember the first time I heard that all new beginnings start with an ending.  There is something we are saying goodbye to when we begin something new.  As we come to the end of one year, with all that it brought our way– the joys, the challenges, the ups and the downs– it is vital that we acknowledge what has transpired for us without getting caught in judgment.  Judgement shows up in a variety of ways.  It shows up as blaming someone else for something we perceive is not going the way we would like it to.  It shows up as regret for perceived missed opportunities.  It shows up as disappointment that we did not achieve more.  If we listen closely, we may hear judgment as projections of who we think we should be in the future.  It is this judgment that I want to address today.

A common practice for the new year is to make a resolution.  I’m going to lose that ten pounds.  I’m going to exercise more.  I’m going to take more time for myself.  I’m going to meditate more consistently.  Each of these comes from a judgment that if we were to do that, we would then be good, lovable, and closer to God.  The truth is, non of these will make you any more lovable or closer to God. You already are lovable by your very nature. Each of us is on the path that we are intended to be on, and are in just the perfect space for what our souls wish to create at this time.  When you let go of trying to be more spiritual, more loving, kinder, more organized, more creative, you make room for your authentic god-self to show up in the world.  This will feel awkward at first, and the ego will try to engage you in a way that pulls you back into thinking less of yourself.  This is when you are invited to lovingly let go again.

I remember when I was first learning to meditate.  I was taught that as my mind wandered, just gently bring my focus back to my breath, or sacred word.  The key here is gently.  Not giving it a lot of attention or creating a story around why my mind wandered or how to prevent my mind from wandering.  Just gently bring it back in awareness.  This is how we are called to live life.  How much energy would we have if we let go of judging ourselves from some artificial scale that is only in our own mind?

As you bring this year to a close, listen within your heart to what naturally wants to express through you.  Allow yourself to be fully present for a few moments with this feeling.  In your mind, give yourself permission to release all that you believe that is not in alignment with this expression.  Breathe into it, feel it, and when you notice that your mind has wandered gently bring your focus back to this feeling.

God is every where every when present expressing as faith, hope, and love throughout all creation.  May this New Year be one of a conscious awareness of this Power-Presence active in, through, and as your life.



Have you ever gotten an ear worm where a song or a phrase won’t let you go?  This happened to me this week, only it wasn’t a song, but the word hope.   For many yearsIMG_0363 I have wondered what hope really is.  In 1 Corinthians 13 Paul writes, “When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; when I became an adult, I put an end to childish ways. For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then we will see face to face. Now I know only in part; then I will know fully, even as I have been fully known. And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love.”  


We often talk about the power of faith and love.  These qualities are innate within us.  So, what is this hope that abides?  The dictionary defines hope as a feeling of expectation and desire for something. I looked up the Greek word which is Elpis: joyful and confident expectation.  

One idea about hope is that it is mere wishing and wanting something to be different than it is without seeing a possibility for change.  Yet, I have begun to see it in a new light.   For me, hope is the seed that carries within it the elements of what is desiring to be experienced or expressed in and through our lives.  This seed is ripe with divine ideas and the energy necessary to activate every innate quality needed to bring forth a full harvest.  True joy activates within us a joyful and confident expectation of fulfillment.  

What is the difference between a joyful and confident expectation of good and faith?  Faith is the assurance of things hoped for.  Hope must come first and then we feed our hope with our faith.   Without hope there is no need for faith, because there is no desire for anything.  People who experience hopelessness are desireless. 

Through the power of meditation, study, and connecting with others, we prepare the soil of our mind to receive seeds of hope.  These seeds are continually being planted in our subconscious mind.  Just as when we plant a seed in well prepared earth there is a spark of life that puts into motion the full unfolding of the seed, we too, through the spark of hope unfold into our highest nature. 


There is a lot of exciting talk these days about women stepping into their power, and a bit of fear that if we do, we will be taking power away from the men. Because, isn’t there only so much power to go around?  This is, like a lot of fears that come up in change, not true.  The Truth is there is one power and it is both male and female and neither male nor female.


One Power with many expressions.  Some of these expressions we would interpret as female and some as male.  With more attention being put on empowering our feminine nature, we may experience a bit of fear that the pendulum is swinging too far from masculine to feminine; that we will find ourselves out of balance again just on the other side.   I don’t believe this has to be true.  We can change the story.  Anytime we experience a change in our energies, the ego pops up and tells us to be afraid.  What if we don’t come from fear and breathe into the possibility of balance?

The question becomes, what does balance look like, and how do I obtain this balance?  We are taught that we are co-creators with Spirit, but the Truth is, we don’t create anything.  Creating means that we start with nothing and bring something into form.   What we actually do is use the law of the universe and combine the right ingredients (qualities within us) to bring into form that which we want.   When I am baking a pie, I don’t create the flour, butter, sugar, fruit, oven and heat.  I use the necessary ingredients in the appropriate amounts, and wala, I have pie.  If I leave any ingredients out, or use too little or too much of an ingredient the results are less desirable. This is true with our lives also, it is because we are in Spirit and Spirit is in us that we have the ability to make whatever it is we want in life.  The key is knowing the ingredients that we have available to us.

Myrtle Fillmore says in How To Let God Help You:  ” God – my Father and your Father – has made me to know that no matter what I have done or what others have done to me, He has implanted within me the pattern of perfection. He has given me the life, power, intelligence, and substance out of which I may recreate my soul qualities and my physical structures, and so come forth a new creature. You, too, by studying and proving this Truth can do the same.”

Within me is the pattern of perfection for me to fully express that which my soul desires to express.  The qualities that are within me may be described as male or female.  The important piece is that we develop these qualities by calling them forth and using them to obtain our desired results.  When we call forth these energies, we free our mind from having to figure it all out.  Decisions become easier with incredible outcomes.

Life is not male vs female, us vs them and it is not about comparing ourselves with others.  Life is the experience we are making by combining our innate spiritual qualities, gifts and talents to live life full on, full out, right here right now.

I Am Willing To…

It feels as if it has been a long time since I have written anything, my journal, this blog…  I sit and question myself, why?  The answer that comes back to me is that there is a belief that if I write, it has to be earth shaking, mind blowing, the most inspirational writing or teaching that has come along.  No ego here.  At the same time, however, there is an awareness that there is something moving deeper within that is guiding me.  The thought comes that maybe being silent has been important.  If I am always speaking, I cannot hear the voice of my own soul.

My study of the women who supported Jesus has continued to be with me.  Mother Mary is the first support.  She represents willingness and the power of saying yes.  Willingness is more than an attitude.  Willingness is the energy that opens the doorway of consciousness.  To be willing means surrendering to a power beyond us that expresses through us.  To be willing means moving beyond the thinking process.  We hear about a challenge that someone is facing and willingness is the energy that gets us off the couch to take action.

As with all expressions of individuality, there are varying degrees of willingness.  On one end of the spectrum subservience is doing what we think others want us to do just to keep the peace.  On the other end of the spectrum there is the need to be in control at all times, not only of ourselves, but everyone and everything.  Willingness is the energy that moves us into the varying degrees of these two polarities in appropriate ways.  To engage in life willingly, we must listen deeply within ourselves to the inner voice that is always guiding us.  This takes practice, courage, and faith and is not as much work as one might suspect.

In New Thought, we are taught that we are creators of our experience.  This is not just a self-serving experience of me.  Our mind which is in the omnipresent omnipotent Mind of God, creates experience and since we are all one, we create this world the way it is.  When I first came to this understanding, I didn’t want to go there.  It’s too much responsibility.  I wanted to think of myself as an Island unto myself.  I create my experience, you create yours.  When we know there is One Presence, One Power, we understand that what we believe affects the whole. Jesus said, Let it be done unto you according to your faith.  In other words, according to what you believe to be true.  If I hold a resentment against someone else, I empower others to hold resentment.  The other is true also, if I forgive someone a perceived wrong, I empower others to forgive.

Willingness is the first step in any spiritual transformation.  We express that we are willing to see, hear, and/or experience life in a new way.  This is what Mother Mary brought to us: the possibility of birthing a new way of life.

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene is the next woman who is mentioned by name in the Gospels.  In Luke chapter 8 it says, The twelve were with him, as well as some women who had been cured of evil spirits and infirmities.  Mary, called Magdalene, from who seven demons had gone out, and Joanna, the wife of Herod’s nephew Chuza, and Susanna, and many others, who provided for them out of their resources.” (NRSV)

There are many stories about Mary Magdalene and I think I may have read most of them; fictional and historical.  She is a woman of mystery which is a trait of the Divine Feminine.  Humankind has striven to know God for as long as we have been, and yet, God is bigger than what we can imagine.  We think we have it.  God is_____! And then, God reveals itself as more, or different than we previously thought.  Is this not also true of ourselves.  We have striven for years to know ourselves.  We study under teachers, we pray for revelations, we sit and listen in the Silence.  Who am I really?  We think we know.  I am ____! And then, Spirit reveals other aspects of ourselves that we did not even know existed.  For me, that is what the study of these powerful women is all about: discovering the mystery within ourselves.

Magdalene means tower.  The idea that resonates the best for me, is that Magdalene is a title that was given to Mary from Jesus.  Just as Mary is a title of spiritual status, Magdalene is a title that denotes a person who has achieved a state of higher consciousness. This could possibly be the feminine for Christ consciousness.  The invitation is to contemplate what it means to you to be a tower.

There are so many things about Mary Magdalene that intrigue me.  1. She is the first woman to be named among the women of Jesus, and is named in all of the resurrection accounts as being the first person Jesus reveals himself to.   2. Some religious teachers felt the need to discredit her to such a degree that many still believe her to be whore. Was this because her status as a teacher and healer was growing too much following the death and resurrection of Jesus?  If so, what was she teaching?  3.  Mary was a mother, not only of the children of Jesus, but of the Christian church in France.  The stories tell us she sailed to France following Jesus death for her own safety and that of her children.  She taught to large crowds of people including royalty.

So, the question arises; what part of ourselves does Mary Magdalene represent?  Hearing the stories is great fun, but what is the point if they do not uncover some aspect of ourselves that is calling us to step out of our comfort zone and into a life beyond what our limited mind can imagine.  Mary represents the energy within us that is always calling us to a higher state of consciousness.  She represents the Divine Feminine nature of healing.  Being a Mary, she would have been trained in the herbal arts and midwifery.  Being the Magdalene of Jesus, she would demonstrate the spiritual power that we all have access to as we step more fully into a state of unified consciousness: a consciousness of oneness.

Mary is healed of seven demons.  Seven is the number that represents spiritual completion.  It is the number of major energy centers (Chakras)  in our body.  Being healed by the Christ consciousness awakened her to her own Divinity and the knowing that there is no separation between us and God, us and ourselves, or us and anyone or anything else.  There is no other. There is only One.

As we enter into a New Year, may is be blessed by the energy of Mary Magdalene and those who worked with her to heal the world. 


On Sunday I spoke at Unity of Payson on the subject of Peace.  Being the second week of Advent, it was the natural topic.  As I contemplated the subject over the week before, I came up with an acronym for Peace: Presence, Empowered, Allowing, Creative, Effortless.  Then everything went flat.  I tried and tried to make something happen by talking a little on each of these subjects.  It just didn’t feel complete.  I texted a friend and told her it felt flat and she texted back “You are guided, you are guided, you are guided.”  And I believe I was.  In fact, I want to share with you what came to life.

Presence: In Unity’s text book, Your Hope of Glory, Elizabeth Sand Turner says that Mary Mary and angelwas born to Joachim and Anna late.  They dedicated her to God and gave her to the temple at the age of 2 where she lived and learned until the age of 12.  She was very spiritual and illumined in her mind.  Mary represents that part of us that is illumined and connected to the Indwelling Presence of God.  She represents our ability to hear and know the Presence and hear the still small voice that illumines our mind.  This Presence brings a message to us this Advent season saying, ” Greetings favored one, the Lord is with you… you will conceive in your womb  and bear a son, and you will name him


Jesus.  He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High, and the Lord God will give him the throne of his ancestor David.  He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of his kingdom there will be no end.”    What divine quality, idea, attribute are you carrying in your womb that will be called the son of the Most High, the daughter of God, what attribute will sit on the throne of your being and reign with power and justice?

Empowered: We have within us the power of the Universe.  Just breathe that in for a moment, the same power that holds the stars in heaven and created all that is resides in you.  How often in our lives, or for that matter in one day, do we forget this Truth, and try to put aside that Divine Idea because we don’t have the money, time, talent, education, social status, whatever to fulfill it?  Joseph wanted to put Mary and the baby aside.  He too listened to the angel in his mind who told him to be of good courage, take the risk and support this birth.  When are we the Joseph for someone else?  When are we called to see the Divine in someone else when they cannot see it in themselves?

Allowing: Mary’s response to the angel is “Let it be done unto me as you have said.”  Allowing is exercising our capacity for faith, trust, and openness to Divine Order.  When we stop fighting what we are against, and stand for what we believe in, we will transform the consciousness of this planet.  When we stop fighting ourselves, and looking out there for someone or something to blame for what is, we open ourselves to new answers.

journey-to-bethlehemCreative: Our nature is to create and we are creating all of the time.  What are you creating through the power of your thoughts?  Are you creating more woe and worry? Are you creating more Peace, Love and Joy?  Mary and Joseph did not understand the full effect of their yes, and we do not understand the full effect of our yes.  Just as they stepped out in faith, we too are invited to say YES.  We too have the power within us to step out in faith to  live fully as the presence in expression.

Effortless:  This is a paradox, because in the story it appears as anything but effortless.  Mary travels with Joseph to Bethlehem walking long distances while she’s 9 months pregnant.  Stories show her riding on the back of a donkey.  I’m sorry, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be 9 months pregnant bouncing up and down on the back of a donkey…. I’d rather walk.  This walking represents the journey we undertake as a result of our YES.  The key is surrender.  When we engage the other steps of PEACE, we are creating a new experience from a place of experiencing the power and presence of God.  We know we are not alone.  We know we do not need to strive and make it happen; that’s God’s job.

Imagine sitting on a hillside with your buds, and a glorious light appears.  An angel is before you and says, Be not afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of a great joy which will come to all the people; for to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who ismanger Christ the Lord.  And this will be a sign for you; you will find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.”  And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men with who he is pleased.”  And when the angels went away from them into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, “Let us go over to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened which the Lord has made known unto us.” And they went with haste and found Mary and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manager.

Jesus came into the world to demonstrate peace not in the way the world understands peace as the absence of conflict, but peace that demonstrates the Presence, Empowered, Allowing, Creative, Effortless Spirit of God active in through and as each and every one of us.

A Mother Knows

When I think about the super powers that come with being a mother, I think of heightened senses.  At different points during the growing years of our children, we have the ability to hear the inaudible, see the invisible, and know the unknowable.  More than once I was accused of having eyes in the back of my head.   After the children grow and leave home, there may be the thought that we no longer have to have such a heightened awareness of our surroundings and let these powers lapse.  The Truth is, the feminine nature within us is always birthing and raising up new aspects of our nature into the fullness of Christ Consciousness.  These powers are always available to assist us, and as we consciously exercise them they develop into true super powers.

When I was raising my children, having the ability to hear what no one intended for me to hear, on a conscious level, saved the life of a child on more than one occasion.   They were busy playing and unaware that I was in the room, or they thought they were saying it so softly that I couldn’t hear.  My ears always seemed to be tuned to hear what I needed to know to assist me in supporting and celebrating the life that was unfolding through my children.

The mistake that can be made is to think that after the children are raised we no longer need this heightened sense of hearing.  And yet, it is this same sense that allows us to hear our Self;  the soul qualities and characteristics that we are birthing and nurturing into spiritual adulthood.  We may hear thoughts that no longer serve us, but rather than focusing on them, we have the power within us to just dismiss them as having no place in our lives. More and more we will find ourselves hearing thoughts that are of a new higher vibration moving us into new awareness of the Truth of who we are and what we are here to give.  These thoughts remind us of our magnificence and beauty, and open us to see and feel…

When I was raising my children, my eyes were always on them.  Where were they, who were they with, what were they doing?  I have to admit, I didn’t always have the answer to those questions, but my intuition always told me when they were in trouble.  I remember once my own mother coming to me and asking me if I knew who was in trouble.  She told me she knew one of her children was in trouble, but she didn’t know which one.  I did, and I told her who, what and where.  This was not really tattling.  It was one of her grown children, and she needed help.  My mom reached out and probably saved her life.

The inner eyes of the mother have the capacity to notice what is happening both within our souls and in our surroundings.  These eyes have the capacity to see beyond appearance into the Truth.  When the appearance is such that our thoughts move to lack and limitation, our inner eyes can give a new perspective and change our mind.  Developing the power of sight allows us to see the good in the world.  We are inundated by news of what is wrong, what we need to be afraid of. Developing our inner eyes allows us to see the love that is being expressed in the world in more ways than ever before in history.

Our intuition is activated by our inner ears and eyes.  This is the power of being in-formed.  When we listen with our inner ears to the still small voice that resides within us, and open our eyes to see beyond appearance, there is a knowing that forms within us that instructs and guides us into right action.  Our spiritual senses open us to see the magnificence that lies within us.   There is a lot of talk these days about looking at your shadow.  If we are looking at our shadow, we don’t have the ability to see the beauty that is all around us and within us.

One way to activate these inner senses is through the practice of mindfulness meditation.  In mindfulness meditation we are invited to sit, breathe deeply into the moment, and allow ourselves to hear whatever noise is happening in the moment without resisting or focusing on it.  Just being aware that it is there.

We may also become aware of what we are feeling.  What feelings are moving through your body in this moment?  Without resistance or focus, allow them to be.  Again listening, hear the thoughts that move through your mind.  Don’t resist, judge or focus on them, just notice.  You may want to open your eyes partially and allow yourself to take in your surroundings without resistance, judgment, or focus.  Allowing your eyes to take in these surroundings activates your eyes to see beyond how your mind normally interprets the world.  Breathing into this sacredness for several minutes, bring your awareness fully to your body temple.

By allowing things to be as they are, we open ourselves to know things in a new way.  We can open ourselves to hear with new ears when someone speaks to us.  We can open ourselves to see a situation from a new perspective, one that is more joyful.  We may know a deeper connection with the Divine Presence within us and what being created in the image and likeness of God really means.

You are magnificent. You are beautiful.  You are the glory of God in this world.

Gracefilled Blessings,

Rev. Charli

Mary and the Birth of Jesus

A few weeks ago we looked at Mother Mary from the view of virgin whom the angel comes to.  The Divine Idea that is implanted into a mind that is free from preconceived ideas.

Then life goes on.  We go about daily business, and as we do so the idea continues to grow within us until it is ready to be born into form.  This process may be a few minutes or several years. It is the perfect timing for the development of the child within us.  I have met many ministers who tell me, like me, they too first thought of being a minister as a young child.  It took a life journey to bring it into form.  Everything that has happened and that we continue to experience in life is a witness and part of the process of developing us into who we are today.

So it is with the Mary within us that makes space for the Christ consciousness to grow and develop.  There are many diagrams and philosophies about what this development looks like.  My experience is that it is an individual process, and that the power we have in this forming is simply to be present.

In the gospel stories, Matthew and Luke, there are several people who come to visit when the baby is born.  The three wise men, the shepherds, and the angels.  The gospel says, Mary pondered these things in her heart.  Luke 2:19 & 51

What does it mean to ponder?  To ponder is to let a thought be.  A professor in a seminary once asked his students what the most important word in the New Testament is.  They had many answers: love, salvation, redemption.  He told them it is the word let.  To let something is not just to allow, but it issues an invitation that opens a doorway to experiencing God in deeper and more meaningful ways, even when those ways do not necessarily make sense in the moment.

As I write this, I find that I want to change my words.  I want to write something that says that life is always bright and beautiful. That if we hold the right thoughts, do the right things, nothing negative will ever happen to us or those we love.  We will all live happily ever after.  The fact is, we all face difficult situations.  When we enter into a state of letting, of pondering the will and the power of God moving in through and as our lives, we open ourselves to birth a greater understanding of who we have come here to be.

There is within each of us the Christ consciousness that is developing our soul and reminding us of the Truth.  We are made in the image and after the likeness of God.  Male and Female we are created.  For myself, I believe that the Christ within is calling for the feminine voice.  Not a weak and submissive voice that I was taught about so many years ago, but a clear solid voice of nurturing compassion.  A voice that is honest and kind.  A voice of unconditional love.



Grace-filled Blessings,
Rev. Charli Tupper