Rev. Charli Tupper offers dynamic and insightful classes that provide insights and tools to create a personal awakening and growing into Christ Consciousness.  Many people are awakening to their True Nature and recognizing the power of the indwelling Spirit.  The time has come for us not only to wake up, but to grow up.  This includes awakening our Divine Feminine and bringing our consciousness into balance and harmony.  

Rev. Charli offers classes in person and via a conference calling system that includes Powerpoint capabilities.   


Quest Speaking:

Rev. Charli is an ordained Unity Minister who facilitates process of opening the heart to a deeper inner Truth of who we are and why we are here.  This is one of the most important questions we can answer for ourselves, and it is a personal answer.  The answer is not about what we do for “a living”, or even about what we manifest for our comfort.   It is about how we express the power and presence of God as a whole and free expression of the Divine.  Opening our hearts to the Divine Feminine in conjunction with the masculine brings healing and establishes us freedom.  When we express from this higher awareness, we bring healing to the world.  Rev. Charli encourages community participation and service.  This is a natural out-picturing of being and expressing the Divine.  

Rev. Charli is available to speak to your community, and take them to the next level of expression. 

Workshops & Retreats:

Rev. Charli’s greatest joy is creating and facilitating processes that create true transformation.  Transformation occurs when we engage in a process that raises our consciousness to a higher level in which Divine Grace may heal that which is to be healed, with ease.  The idea that we have to be in pain in order to change is out-dated.  It is true that pain is a message that something is stuck, we can also engage with Spirit in ways that lasting transformation can take place without hurting us or others.  

Engaging in activities within an ambiance and collective energy that is safe, empowering, and fun melts walls of resistance.  We are here to do this work together, and retreats provide a time away that allow us to leave our day-to-day concerns and focus on embracing ourselves. 

Rev. Charli’s passion is retreats and teaching. Awakening the Christ within and empowering the expression of the Christ is her life’s work.  Contact Rev. Charli to discuss possibilities for bringing a retreat to your group. 

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