Awakening to our greatness through positive, practical, and evolutionary consciousness is our divine birthright.  This is the focus of Rev Charli’s classes. Whether they are about the Divine Feminine, New Thought principles, or Spiritual Maturity, transforming consciousness from within out is the desired outcome.

Rev. Charli offers classes in person and via a conference calling system that includes PowerPoint capabilities.   


As a trained and certified Ministry Consult Specialist through Unity Worldwide Ministries and the Interim Ministry Network, Rev Charli is equipped to walk side by side with congregations, spiritual centers and leaders facing transitions.  So often transitions are seen as a negative experience, or the outcome of a painful situation.  Transitions are opportunities to take a look at what you are doing right, and to expand on that.  They are opportunities to strengthen our gifts and become clear about what we are being called to express now. 

Rev. Charli is available to speak to your community, and take them to the next level of expression.  

Workshops & Retreats:

Rev. Charli’s greatest joy is creating and facilitating processes that create true transformation.  Transformation occurs when we engage in a process that raises our consciousness to a higher level in which Divine Grace may heal that which is to be healed, with ease.  

Engaging in activities within an ambiance and collective energy that is safe, empowering, and fun melts walls of resistance.  We are here to do this work together, and retreats provide a time away that allow us to leave our day-to-day concerns and focus on embracing ourselves. 

Contact Rev. Charli to discuss possibilities for bringing a retreat to your group.  Check out the Events page for specific workshops. 

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