Anticipatory Appreciation

Anticipatory Appreciation: now here’s a brilliant idea!  That’s what I thought when I first encountered this idea in Rev. Jane Simmons’ new book, You Can’t Sleep Through Your AWAKENING.  So for this past week, I have set three intentions to experience appreciation during the day.

During my morning sacred time, I center myself in my heart and ask for guidance as I look over my day.   As I do so,  I actively look for three opportunities to experience appreciation.  It may be that I have a meeting with someone whom I enjoy immensely, or it may be that I need to have a crucial conversation with someone.  You know, one of those conversations where you have to touch on a tough subject.  Out of this over looking, I consciously choose three times to experience deep appreciation.  I then speak this intention within my open heart.

What is amazing is how often, just at the moment I intended, or soon afterwards,  I experience appreciation.  It may be for the person I am with, the circumstance, or the beauty of nature around me.  The experience is unique each time, and most often catches me off guard, until I remember my intention.

As I look at the two aspects of this practice, I am aware that they work hand-in-hand.  An intention is defined as: a conscious aim or plan.  This means that we use our conscious mind to make a plan and set an energy in place to fulfill this plan.  Appreciation and gratitude are synonymous.  Gratitude is defined as: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation and to return kindness.

So this practice is not only saying in your mind I appreciate this, but to demonstrate appreciation through an act of kindness.  Appreciation also opens us to the knowing that God is our Source infinite and unlimited. Everything that we have, we have because of who we are in God.

Check it out, try it for yourself.  Set an intention to appreciation three things during your day, and prepare to be amazed at the outcome.



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