A Mother Knows

When I think about the super powers that come with being a mother, I think of heightened senses.  At different points during the growing years of our children, we have the ability to hear the inaudible, see the invisible, and know the unknowable.  More than once I was accused of having eyes in the back of my head.   After the children grow and leave home, there may be the thought that we no longer have to have such a heightened awareness of our surroundings and let these powers lapse.  The Truth is, the feminine nature within us is always birthing and raising up new aspects of our nature into the fullness of Christ Consciousness.  These powers are always available to assist us, and as we consciously exercise them they develop into true super powers.

When I was raising my children, having the ability to hear what no one intended for me to hear, on a conscious level, saved the life of a child on more than one occasion.   They were busy playing and unaware that I was in the room, or they thought they were saying it so softly that I couldn’t hear.  My ears always seemed to be tuned to hear what I needed to know to assist me in supporting and celebrating the life that was unfolding through my children.

The mistake that can be made is to think that after the children are raised we no longer need this heightened sense of hearing.  And yet, it is this same sense that allows us to hear our Self;  the soul qualities and characteristics that we are birthing and nurturing into spiritual adulthood.  We may hear thoughts that no longer serve us, but rather than focusing on them, we have the power within us to just dismiss them as having no place in our lives. More and more we will find ourselves hearing thoughts that are of a new higher vibration moving us into new awareness of the Truth of who we are and what we are here to give.  These thoughts remind us of our magnificence and beauty, and open us to see and feel…

When I was raising my children, my eyes were always on them.  Where were they, who were they with, what were they doing?  I have to admit, I didn’t always have the answer to those questions, but my intuition always told me when they were in trouble.  I remember once my own mother coming to me and asking me if I knew who was in trouble.  She told me she knew one of her children was in trouble, but she didn’t know which one.  I did, and I told her who, what and where.  This was not really tattling.  It was one of her grown children, and she needed help.  My mom reached out and probably saved her life.

The inner eyes of the mother have the capacity to notice what is happening both within our souls and in our surroundings.  These eyes have the capacity to see beyond appearance into the Truth.  When the appearance is such that our thoughts move to lack and limitation, our inner eyes can give a new perspective and change our mind.  Developing the power of sight allows us to see the good in the world.  We are inundated by news of what is wrong, what we need to be afraid of. Developing our inner eyes allows us to see the love that is being expressed in the world in more ways than ever before in history.

Our intuition is activated by our inner ears and eyes.  This is the power of being in-formed.  When we listen with our inner ears to the still small voice that resides within us, and open our eyes to see beyond appearance, there is a knowing that forms within us that instructs and guides us into right action.  Our spiritual senses open us to see the magnificence that lies within us.   There is a lot of talk these days about looking at your shadow.  If we are looking at our shadow, we don’t have the ability to see the beauty that is all around us and within us.

One way to activate these inner senses is through the practice of mindfulness meditation.  In mindfulness meditation we are invited to sit, breathe deeply into the moment, and allow ourselves to hear whatever noise is happening in the moment without resisting or focusing on it.  Just being aware that it is there.

We may also become aware of what we are feeling.  What feelings are moving through your body in this moment?  Without resistance or focus, allow them to be.  Again listening, hear the thoughts that move through your mind.  Don’t resist, judge or focus on them, just notice.  You may want to open your eyes partially and allow yourself to take in your surroundings without resistance, judgment, or focus.  Allowing your eyes to take in these surroundings activates your eyes to see beyond how your mind normally interprets the world.  Breathing into this sacredness for several minutes, bring your awareness fully to your body temple.

By allowing things to be as they are, we open ourselves to know things in a new way.  We can open ourselves to hear with new ears when someone speaks to us.  We can open ourselves to see a situation from a new perspective, one that is more joyful.  We may know a deeper connection with the Divine Presence within us and what being created in the image and likeness of God really means.

You are magnificent. You are beautiful.  You are the glory of God in this world.

Gracefilled Blessings,

Rev. Charli

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